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30 June 2010 @ 12:16 am
dude. why didn't this work again?
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31 March 2010 @ 02:15 pm
Six Random Things About Me:

1. I'm girly...but not quite ladylike. There's a difference, trust. ;3
2. I suck at saving money.
3. I think Kangaskhan is an awesome Pokemon because it owns in battles and yet can still take care of the baby in its pouch.
4. The girl character in Naming Names (that novel I was supposed to be writing for NaNoWriMo) is named after my sister Catherine, who was a miscarriage two years before I was born.
5. When I clean my room and put things away, my mind is always wandering about in the clouds...and so I end up putting stuff away in the most random places. An hour after I finish -- "How the heck did my cell phone get on that shelf out of my reach behind that picture frame in the living room...when I was cleaning my bedroom?"
6. Despite having been in advanced math classes since middle school, I still suck at math. :/

Six Random Things I Like:

1. My guilty pleasure - Lovebug by the Jonas Brothers.
2. Pickled Papaya.
3. Kit-Kat.
4. Frogs, when they're not within jumping distance of me.
5. Watermelons!
6. The voice of the guy from Marianas Trench -- and Alex Gaskarth from ATL. ;3

Six Random Things I Don't Like:

1. Moths, bright green bugs, and caterpillars.
2. Songs that mention sex every three seconds.
3. Having the washing machine right near my bedroom window.
4. Sour candy.
5. People who make a habit of being more than fifteen minutes late - it's one of my few pet peeves. I can forgive it once or twice, but not five times in a row. >:/
6. Craving something but not knowing what that something is.
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lyrics.Collapse )

It's so much heavier than their other songs, but I still love it. ♥
Oh, and the lyrics -- it's like when they came out with Weightless and I freaked because it's like they read my mind; the same exact reaction. My day just got off to an awesome start, how about you? :D
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Current Music: Painting Flowers - All Time Low
12 February 2010 @ 03:17 pm
So I just spent a while cleaning out my closet. I feel accomplished. :)

Meanwhile, this Sudoku puzzle is kicking my ass. =___=

I had stuff to do today - was supposed to go out with some of the Sanchez peeps for Valentine's and celebrate our single status, but things kinda went blah and I don't know what's happening anymore. @____@

I could have gone and watched Legion with Manuel, but then he gave me like, fifteen minutes to get ready, so I declined.

I'm in a really productive mood right now. I think I'm going to do my English summaries today, like poppysticks did.

And oh, I have just realized I had homework for my computer class due and I left my book in denri_x3's car. I knew taking the easy way out would come back to bite me in the behind one day. @____@

I'll do it on Monday morning, perhaps. :P

I've been in a good mood lately. Oh, and my friends are awesome, did you know? I particularly enjoy moments like the one on Wednesday when a bunch of us get to hang out and talk about silly things like what Pokemon we are. (I'm Jigglypuff, if I hadn't before mentioned, because I'm pink and I like to sing and I write on people when they fall asleep. :P
denri_x3 is Eevee, being indecisive; poppysticks is Clefairy, because she's an alien likes to dance in the moonlight very Clefairy-like; talkingmuffinz is Hitmonchan because she's violent; pandalov is Sandshrew because we couldn't think of anything else, and superrfairyy is Psyduck, because, well, she's very Psyduck-like. Kellie's Vulpix because she has pretty eyes, Manuel's Growlithe because he's fast and Rapidash was too cool for him, and Kevin is Snorlax - and that's self-explanatory.)

I'm really liking college. <3
25 January 2010 @ 07:15 pm
so what am i doing besides killing us both?
i'm living, i'm testing my limits, and those of my faith -
and i'm good, i'm great, i'm grounded, i can see,
and those dragons in the clouds,
with their azure scales and dirt-brown eyes,
and the weight they carry in their talons,
they see me,
and i'd allow myself to love them if they were here with me.

it'd be easier if my dreams, my dragons, didn't translate so easily into logic,
if they did what was proper and vanished with the last of my sense -
but the dragons don't vanish, and i've come to realize -
there's more sense to them than there is to the world,
and it's so easy to tell them, "split your burden with me,
and we can fly higher than any of us ever have."

So apparently I wrote this in November. I don't remember exactly what it's a metaphor for, or why I even wrote it - but considering it's been two months and I actually still like it, it's saying "hey, livejournal. whattup."
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Robert Downey, Jr. So freaking awesome -- but especially as Iron Man. And hey, what? Iron Man 2 is coming out in May?

Oh? And what? I'm turning 19 in May?

Interesting. ;3

So who's taking me out~?
31 December 2009 @ 10:44 pm
2009 has been a great year. In spite of everything that happened (or didn’t happen, whatever), I know I’ll look back upon it with a smile – and maybe an embarrassed wince or two.
Sure, I complained a lot about the year during its course, but here at the end, there really isn’t anything to complain about. Yeah, I had my share of tears and grief and annoyances and romantic disappointments – but upon reflection, the laughter I shared with my friends and the fun I had in my romantic pursuits and the love I was shown outweighs every negative thing I suffered through. At any rate, I don’t want to be the girl who remembers only the bad, even years later – in fact, I don’t want to remember the bad at all, unless to remember it in context of the good it rendered.

I spent a lot of my earlier teenage years being bitter about the wrongs that were done to me – but no more; I look back on those years and only lament the fact that I wasted them. And I don’t want to look back on 2009 – the year I graduated, the year I came of age – and think of it as wasted. No – 2009 was definitely not wasted.

The things I experienced, the people I met and laughed with and loved with and spent time with and admired (that means you!) – they made this year worthwhile, and I thank God that I’ve wisdom enough to realize that.

Happy New Year, guys. Let’s make this year a grand one. :)
Current Mood: nostalgicnostalgic
My family drives me crazy sometimes, but I think I'm extremely fortunate to have such a loving one.

My sister and I gave my parents their anniversary and Christmas gifts yesterday, and I think it's the first time my mom didn't scold me for spending money on something unnecessary. I think my sister realized this as well, so we high-fived each other. :P

My mom really liked the Spirit & Song book my sister got her, ahahaha. Sometimes our parish has a choir who'll sing songs from that book, so she got my mom the huge one with all the music included as well.
She also got them a Matt Maher CD, though that's more for my mom than my dad. XD;

I got them a decorative glass tile with two ceramic doves intertwined in the middle of it and the number 25 on one of the doves. On top of the doves, it says in vinyl lettering, "Love never fails."

My mom wants to bring it with us to the Philippines so we can display it at the party.
Victory! >:D

Yesterday was the last day of my first college semester! It started out with my last exam, and then I hung back to hang with the peeps. Ended up going to Mt. Lamlam at twelve for some shaved ice and ice cream. Darlene wrote a bunch of stuff on the bench there, so if any of you go and see some very questionable things about me written on the bench in a blue/purple pen, that's all Darleney. :P

[Example: Kimmy ($5) Meet @ Corner. I especially liked her response to the Mike & Kim that was already written on the bench. She squiggled an arrow next to the Kim and wrote, "Sorry, I only like soccer players." Poor Mike. :P]

After the ice cream, I went with Darleney and Kevin to buy Steven's birthday present at the mall. They left to go drop it off at Okkodo, and I fortunately ran into Blanche and Sandra, who let me hang with them until I could leave. ...that basically is the condensed version of it. Don't ask what else happened, because I would like to preserve what little dignity I have left, ahahaha. D:

Going out with the Sanchez and Okkodo peeps today - lunch at World Cafe with the Sanchez peeps, dinner at Denny's with the Okkodo peeps. It's our own little First College Christmas celebration, before I leave to the Philippines tomorrow.

Speaking of, I'm leaving tomorrow night at 7. I'll be back on the second, hopefully weighing the same as I do right now, but I think that's impossible. I'm glad I'll have another three weeks when I come back before Spring semester starts. Maybe I'll start running again. Tiyan might have missed me. :P

...speaking of breaks, FIVE WEEKS? Golly, I love college. It's so much more my speed. :)
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21 November 2009 @ 10:04 pm
You know how sometimes people on your friends list post about stuff going on in their life, and all of a sudden you think "Wait a minute? Since when were they working THERE? Since when were they dating HIM/HER? Since when???" And then you wonder how you could have missed all that seemingly pretty standard information, but somehow you feel too ashamed to ask for clarification because it seems like info you should already know? It happens to all of us sometimes.

Please copy the topics below, erase my answers and put yours in their place, and then post it in your journal! Please elaborate on the questions that would benefit from elaboration. One-Word-Answers seldom help anyone out. (:

I don't have two papers to write right now.Collapse )
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• Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper on their LiveJournal.
• Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!

His name is Butter, because he looks like a huge pat of butter with a face and a sense of style. And who says boys can't wear flowers in their hair?
Darleney gave him to me for my 18th birthday - this was taken in Chamorro class that very day. :)